Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann.

Elizabth Swann

Elizabeth Swann.

Elizabeth Swann
is the daughter of the Governor of Port Royal. She is in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Curse of The Black PearlEdit

Elizabeth Swann was the Governor daughter living in Port Royal. She was once kidnapped by Hector Barbossa and the crew of The Black Pearl. They took her to a cave called the Isla de Muerta but was soon saved by Will Turner. They were caught before they could escape and Barbossa made Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow walk the plank. They swam to a small isalnd but they weren't there long because Elizabeth found a way to signal a Royal Navy ship and they rescued them. Elizabeth convinced James Norrington to take them back to the cave to save Will from being killed by Barbossa. They went back but James Norrington had Elizabeth locked in the captain's cabin so that she woundn't get hurt. She found a way to escape and rowed a boat into the cave where there was already fighting going on between Barbossa and Jack. Will was also fighing three of the crewmen. Barbossa saw her and was about to shoot her but Jack shot him first just as Will lifted the curse. Barbossa died and Elizabeth and Will returned to Port Royal.

Dead Man's ChestEdit

Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner are arrested for helping Jack Sparrow. Elizabeth is put in jail but with her father's help she escapes and goes to Tortuga. She meets Jack and Joshamee Gibbs and she comes aboard The Black Pearl with them trying to find Will. She finds him on the Isla Cruses and he has a three way duel with Jack Sparrow and James Norrington over the Heart of Davy Jones. Elizabeth, Jack, and Will made it back to the ship but James Norrington ended up with the Heart. They were attacked by Jones' pet beast the Kraken. It took down the ship and Jack while Elizabeth and the rest of the crew got away. They went to Tia Dalma's shack and made a plan to save Jack from Davy Jones' Locker.


Elizabeth Swann comes in only one set witch is the Isla de Muerta. She has blond hair and an red dress. The dress is the dress that Barbossa gave her in the first movie. Elizabeth has a two sided head. One side is a smile and the other is a scared look. Elizabeth only appears in the Isla de Muerta set.

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